We are Finished Shopping for the Children. YEAH!

Yeah! We gave completed a major milestone. The Christmas shopping for the children is completed. Doing the happy dance! All done. All nine done. WAHOO!!!! And we did it under budget too. I have to also add I am done with Richard’s shopping. I guess I should give him a list for me so he can get the same feeling. LOL

Now that we are finished with the shopping I get to do my least favorite thing — wrap. I cheat and don’t use bows. The cats always take them off anyway so why bother.

Back when we lived in Glen Burnie one of my dearest friends and I used to hold a present wrapping night. We would turn on Christmas carols, make hot chocolate, get the scissors and tape and the spend the evening wrapping all of our presents. Depending on the number of presents, we would take about 3 to 4 hours and get them all done. Now that we have moved away from that area, we don’t do that anymore. I find that I am missing it. I will have to call her and see if she would like to do a wrapping afternoon instead. 🙂

Now all I have to shop for are my in-laws, and a niece and two nephews and we are done with the shopping. Since the niece and nephews live out of town, I may just get gift cards for the younger two and a pre-paid Visa for the 13 year old.

For the children’s teachers I make a cinnamon streusal bread. I will make those the week before the children go out on their break. My daughters have bought the presents for their friends too, so once they are wrapped they are also done.

The only other thing to do is bake the Christmas cookies. We will do that starting next weekend.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving day! We have had our meal and most everyone is watching The Polar Express. It is one of the children’s favorite movies.

We have a lot to be thankful for this year. Everyone is home and healthy or on the way to healthy. 🙂 This time last year we were visiting the babies in the NICU. They actually came home the day after Thanksgiving last year. What a difference a year makes!

We did have a scare earlier this week with Richard. On Monday he was having horrible chest pains so we sent him to the hospital. Thankfully, all the tests have shown there wasn’t any heart issues or damage. Now if we can just find out what happened I would be even more reassured.

The children have tomorrow off so we will be getting some things done around the house. I had not planned on hitting the stores tomorrow, but it looks like I will need to since a few of the items the children want are on a super special. UGH! I hate shopping the day after Thanksgiving. I used to work retail and the day was always a zoo.

We went to mass today and the Bishop was preaching. He had many good thoughts. People are now rushing through Thanksgiving just to get to the Christmas shopping. I find that to be sad, but so true. People have lost sight of focusing on being thankful for what we have right now and our family and friends. Do you all remember when you never saw a Christmas decoration or ad before Thanksgiving? This year I was seeing them on Halloween. I have a feeling that we start seeing the ads right after July 4th soon and that will be a very sad thing.

What a week!

Well I was able to get my home journal and my master shopping lists updated. Then the kiddos have all been taking turns with a stomach bug….ICK! Of course I had to get it too, so most of the week has been spent taking care of the sick people. The menus I had planned are out the window too. But I at least I have menu for the next couple of weeks. 🙂

A friend asked about what I keep in my home journal. I follow a Flylady like routine, so I keep my morning and evening routines in the front. Behind them, I keep my Weekly Plans and Zone work. Then I have a section with phone numbers. My final section contains blanks of my shopping list and my menu planner. I have lists for the 4 stores I frequent — BJs, Wal-Mart and Weis and Giant.

I keep all my sheets in protectors and use a wipe board marker to mark off the tasks as I complete them. In the evening I wipe them off and I am ready to go for the next day.

Going to start blessing my family again

I was reading another blog http://lifeandponderings.blogspot.com/. (Thanks Michelle!) It started me thinking. I used to be so much better following the home journal. My Journal laid out my weekly plans, had my menus in it and also my important phone numbers. My house and budget seemed to run so much better when I was following my plan.

A lot happened in our lives during the past 2 years. The premature birth and death of a son, hospitalization of our oldest daughter, the pregnancy and birth of three more baby girls, and subsequent hospitalization of our daughter. Following the schedule and menu didn’t seem important while going through these family events. Now that life has settled down (as much as it can settle down with 9 children) I want to get the home journal functional once again and be able to bless my family.

So starting tomorrow I am going to get the journal off the bookshelf. I am going to go through and revise it to fit our current life. After all, these journals should be a living document so that it can grow and change with our lives.

After that I am going to print off my master shopping lists and revise these. Then I am going to sit down and plan menus for the next two weeks from what I have in my pantry and freezer.

Ugh! Ears!

It has been a rough couple of days and nights. The babies have been fighting colds. We had a trip to the ER last weekend with one for croup. At least we are over that, but the cold has been liinnggeerriinngg for the past week. On Thursday night I pulled an all nighter another one of the girls. So off we head to the doctor with all 3. After waiting for an hour, we are finally seen. Yup it is what I thought, all three have ear infections. This makes 3 infections in 3 months. Might have to think about seeing an ENT to make sure it doesn’t keep happening.

BUT last night all of them slept through for the first time in a week. YEAH! Hopefully they are on the down side of it and we can all get some rest.

Oh the fun!

Oh I hate the feeling of not being in touch. Yesterday our Internet connection was down. What an eerie feeling. 🙂

Today was errand day. Children to school and then head to Walmart, Target and BJS. I also wanted to do some grocery shopping, but that wasn’t happening since the Infant and Toddler Teacher was scheduled to come for a visit.

So by 8:30 AM I load the middle four, the babies, diaper bag and the triplet stroller into the van. I drop the children to school. Since I hadn’t eaten breakfast at home I stop by the Golden Arches for a McMuffin, then head over to Walmart.

Unload the stroller, open it up, get the diaper bag and purse situated. Unload the 3 babies and put them into the stroller. Now the fun begins. We walk across the parking lot to get into the store. I am asked no less than 10 times, “Are they Triplets?” Smile, nod and say yes and keep walking. Get into the store, grab a cart. I am now pushing the stroller and pulling the cart. It is a fun thing to keep them both moving at the same time. The best way is to get them going at a certain speed. I had no less than 5 people stop in front of the moving train. Hello folks, it isn’t easy to get started, and it does not stop on a dime. Luckily there were no causalities. I get the majority of the shopping done within 20 minutes. Then took another 20 minutes to get back to the front of the store to check out. Another 5 people risking life and limb to ask stupid questions.
Finally got out and reloaded the car and then headed out to Target and BJs to repeat the entire process. It took 3 hours to do the 3 stores. But I got it done and back home in time for the girls to a quick nap before the teacher arrived.

I Have Survived!

Originally Posted October 18, 2007

Today is October 18 2007. What a difference a year makes. Last year at this time I was taking daily trips to labor and delivery because of continued contractions. I was always sent home. Actually this day was just like all the others. I was going to be sent home. While they were working on the discharge papers the contractions changed. I let them know, and almost sent me home. I stomped and huffed and they finally did another check and lo and behold, I WAS in labor.

Then the fun started! I had to be transferred to another hospital because the NICU was full. So 2 hours later I arrived at the other hospital. 2 hours after that, the girls were here, 10 weeks early, but here. They spent only 5 weeks in the NICU and step down unit and all came home together.

Yup that is right. The girls are 1 year old today. We have survived the first year of triplets. Luckily this go around it was easier. I haven’t figured out if it was because we have experience or the babies were “easier.” In the long run it doesn’t matter. We have healthy babies that are for the most part developmentally on track. For that I am most thankful.

For everyone else, enjoy the first year, it is over so fast! It goes by in a blurr so take lots of photos so you can look back and enjoy it later. (Let’s face it when you are living it, you can’t enjoy it .)

Toddlers! I have Toddlers!

Originally Posted October 14, 2007

Well you would never know the girls were born 10 weeks early. They will turn a year old on October 18th. I have 2 that are stepping out in life. 🙂 Maggie will take a step or 2. Marian will take 5 or 6. Marian is also standing up in the middle of the room by herself. Another huge accomplishment. Abby can cruise quickly around the furniture, and is just starting to stand without holding on to anything. I figure she will be stepping out in a few more days herself.

Teething Times 3

One of those joys of parenthood! Babies that are teething. You deal with the day long drooling, outfits that are soaked in spite of bibs. I have changed the girls twice already today. Then you have the middle of the night fussies. You get one settled down, crawl back into bed start to drift off and then another one starts. Lather, Rinse, Repeat all through the night. (Mind you this was with Advil on board too! I don’t want to imagine it without).

I called Wyeth, the manufacturer of Advil. I wanted to know where I can purchase children’s Advil in gallon size containers. I was met with dead silence….I can just imagine what was running through the persons head. “What can a terrorist do with a gallon on Advil?” “Why do I always get the looney call?” “Wish I could find the local 911 and report this person!” I mean if you don’t have triplets and haven’t experienced teething then you don’t really get it.

At least tonight Richard is home so I will have help. When he isn’t home (like last night) those all nighters seem to drag on…..