Getting ready to be famous….

Thanks to Mandy, all the breads are done and handed out to the teachers. YEAH! Cross that Christmas chore off the list. I have also made 2 batches of fudge. All that is left to do is make the Peanut Blossoms and the chocolate chip cookies.

Today we received a phone call from the local newspaper. This came as a surprise to me. Back in early October the family was joking around that we had two sets of triplets and the world didn’t know it. We had survived the 1st year without “the Press” finding out. We speculated that “they” would be upset to find out that they had celebrities living in the area and didn’t know it. My oldest two daughters laughing asked if they could contact the local newspaper. I said sure, figuring they were joking. Well apparently they weren’t. They had sent an email to the paper right after our conversation. Remember this was early October. The girls never heard anything from them so they assumed the paper wasn’t interested and forgot it. So the call today was a surprise. So far they have done a phone interview with Richard and Mandy. I was out picking up Liz from school. Now they want to come out and interview me and the rest of the children and of course take pictures.

I don’t know what I would have done if I had been home. I have spent the last year not courting attention. Now I wonder what will happen. The older ones are speculating that the news will be picked up by the bigger paper and then we can go on national TV. Are they right? Do I just go with the flow and let the family have their 15 minutes of fame? Or do I just say never mind leave us alone?

I feel that I could take this time to correct a lot of misconceptions that people have about larger families and higher order multiples too. No we don’t need help, we have done it all ourselves. Yes we take them out, and we can even get out of the house in 10 minutes if we have to. Heck I even take them out myself to go shopping.

I will keep you all posted. You all might be able to say you knew us when…..

What a fun time!

Boy has the month been busy so far! We had the babies with their infections early on. Last Thursday, my oldest son has his first ever concert at school. Friday we set up for the Holiday Shop at school. Then last weekend we had a concert ~~ Renaissance Christmas by the Peabody Concert. The music of the old instruments, the hurdy gurty, the recorders, the lutes. Not to mention the songs. I had a wonderful time. Then on Sunday morning we had breakfast with Saint Nicholas at the church. That evening we had the Christmas dinner for our couples groups. Whew!

Monday the school “Holiday Shoppe” started. (Remember this is a public school, so we cannot say Christmas Shop.) Since I was chairperson, I had to run the thing. I was at the school from 8:30 am until 4:00 pm every day. We had almost no volunteers show up, even those that signed up to help. I am so thankful that I had 3 that showed up often. The children had a wonderful time and loved being able to buy presents in secret for their families.

The evenings during the week were just as busy. Between karate and club volleyball practice we were running every night of the week. So far the weekend has been just as crazy. The middle four had a “Holiday Party” at the Boys and Girls club. Then my oldest two daughters and I went with the woman’s church group to carol at a local nursing home.

Tomorrow I am going to start baking the cinnamon breads for the teachers. I have 20 to make by Friday. I also need to bake some cookies for Monday evening. The church’s Faith Formation classes will be having Cookies and Caroling tomorrow night. This kicks off our winter break.

I also need to run and get a couple of gift cards for my niece and nephews. Apparently no one is going to be in town, so I want to make sure they get the gifts early. I am also going finish getting the buffet in the dining room cleaned off. All I have left to do is sort through the stack of bills.

Okay who said Winter is fun?

I was up all night with one of the babies, for the 5th night in a row. So I decided to take them to the doctor. Yes, you guessed it. For the 4th time in 4 months they ALL have an ear infection. I see a visit to an ENT in their future VERY soon.

And while we are visiting the doctor, it starts to snow. The first snow of the year for us. The forecast started out as a dusting, then progressed to 1 to 2 inches. And the snow would stop by 8 PM. Well here it is almost 10:30 and it is still snowing and we have 5 to 6 inches on the ground.

I figure at the least, schools will have a 2 hour delay tomorrow. Although since DS has his first ever concert at the school tomorrow night, want to take bets that Mr. Murphy will make sure that school is closed. That means the band will be having their holiday (remember you can’t say Christmas) concert in the Middle of January.

If school is closed some cleaning and baking will be done! We will make good use of having the children home.

Christmas is coming!

As soon as Saturday morning hit and I came downstairs, I was bombarded with CHRISTMAS IS COMING! by 4 voices — the 9 year old and the three 7 year olds. I was also promptly told exactly how many days there (24 sleeps!)

I am thankful the Christmas shopping is done and the presents are wrapped. I am planning which cookies we are going to bake. I am gathering the mixes for the teacher’s Christmas gifts. (we make a cinnamon swirl bread). We will start making them in two weekends.

The week of the 10th I am running the school’s holiday shop. I enjoy doing this actually. (I know I am crazy!) The children really enjoy shopping for gifts for their parents, brothers and sisters and to other relatives. We do not run this to make a profit so the prices stay reasonable.

I have been talking to my DD 13 about some of my Christmas memories. One of me fondest was the Christmas Eve open house my parents held every year. They would open up the house from 7 – 11 every Christmas Eve for our neighbors and friends to drop by to have a bite to eat and a drink. It was always a hit and loved helping my mom get ready for it. My daughter wants to do the same thing.

So we are going to take the week and plan it out. I don’t know if I will do Christmas Eve, I think too many people have other plans in this day and age. But I am thinking either the 22nd or 23rd would be a good day. This should be interesting……

First step will be to plan the menu
Then we will plan the house cleaning schedule
Next we will send out invitations (and hope for RSVPs, Lord know most people do not do this)

Well I need to run, one of the babies is fussing.