Christmas is coming!

As soon as Saturday morning hit and I came downstairs, I was bombarded with CHRISTMAS IS COMING! by 4 voices — the 9 year old and the three 7 year olds. I was also promptly told exactly how many days there (24 sleeps!)

I am thankful the Christmas shopping is done and the presents are wrapped. I am planning which cookies we are going to bake. I am gathering the mixes for the teacher’s Christmas gifts. (we make a cinnamon swirl bread). We will start making them in two weekends.

The week of the 10th I am running the school’s holiday shop. I enjoy doing this actually. (I know I am crazy!) The children really enjoy shopping for gifts for their parents, brothers and sisters and to other relatives. We do not run this to make a profit so the prices stay reasonable.

I have been talking to my DD 13 about some of my Christmas memories. One of me fondest was the Christmas Eve open house my parents held every year. They would open up the house from 7 – 11 every Christmas Eve for our neighbors and friends to drop by to have a bite to eat and a drink. It was always a hit and loved helping my mom get ready for it. My daughter wants to do the same thing.

So we are going to take the week and plan it out. I don’t know if I will do Christmas Eve, I think too many people have other plans in this day and age. But I am thinking either the 22nd or 23rd would be a good day. This should be interesting……

First step will be to plan the menu
Then we will plan the house cleaning schedule
Next we will send out invitations (and hope for RSVPs, Lord know most people do not do this)

Well I need to run, one of the babies is fussing.

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