What a fun time!

Boy has the month been busy so far! We had the babies with their infections early on. Last Thursday, my oldest son has his first ever concert at school. Friday we set up for the Holiday Shop at school. Then last weekend we had a concert ~~ Renaissance Christmas by the Peabody Concert. The music of the old instruments, the hurdy gurty, the recorders, the lutes. Not to mention the songs. I had a wonderful time. Then on Sunday morning we had breakfast with Saint Nicholas at the church. That evening we had the Christmas dinner for our couples groups. Whew!

Monday the school “Holiday Shoppe” started. (Remember this is a public school, so we cannot say Christmas Shop.) Since I was chairperson, I had to run the thing. I was at the school from 8:30 am until 4:00 pm every day. We had almost no volunteers show up, even those that signed up to help. I am so thankful that I had 3 that showed up often. The children had a wonderful time and loved being able to buy presents in secret for their families.

The evenings during the week were just as busy. Between karate and club volleyball practice we were running every night of the week. So far the weekend has been just as crazy. The middle four had a “Holiday Party” at the Boys and Girls club. Then my oldest two daughters and I went with the woman’s church group to carol at a local nursing home.

Tomorrow I am going to start baking the cinnamon breads for the teachers. I have 20 to make by Friday. I also need to bake some cookies for Monday evening. The church’s Faith Formation classes will be having Cookies and Caroling tomorrow night. This kicks off our winter break.

I also need to run and get a couple of gift cards for my niece and nephews. Apparently no one is going to be in town, so I want to make sure they get the gifts early. I am also going finish getting the buffet in the dining room cleaned off. All I have left to do is sort through the stack of bills.

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