Share A Recipe Sunday

Roasted Veggies

A quick and simple way to fix vegetables that the children love. And it works with almost any type of veggie.

Preheat oven to 450 degrees.

Cut up the veggies into one to one half inches slices or cubes. Place onto a baking tray. Drizzle with olive oil. Use your hands to mix coat the veggies with the oil. Then sprinkle with sea salt or kosher salt. You can also add fresh herbs. I use rosemary and thyme frequently.

Place the tray into the oven and roast for about 25 – 30 minutes.

My children especially love potatoes and sweet potatoes this way.

Then Enjoy!

Spring Cleaning 2009

Today we focused on the basement. WHEWWW what a chore. We went through and sorted toys. Broken toys were tossed, similar toys were put back together. You know all Geotracks in the same bins, all the Sweet Street houses and accessories together and so on. We took out the broken couch so now the children have room. Finally we scrubbed the bathroom and floor. Yeah it is done!

The last thing to do is to get the walls redone. Remember we had the basement leak at the beginning of December. That was repaired, but we were letting things air and dry out. So we are going to start pricing the stores so we can do that soon.

And today our last guinea pig has died. The children are sad, but she was almost 8 years old. That is ancient for guniea pigs. RIP Smokey.

Spring Cleaning 2009

Today and this evening were extremely productive! The buffet is cleaned off once again!

I ran the errands I needed and removed several items that were waiting to be mailed. One of the errands was a stop at the big box store. So I picked up a bright pink milk crate and some hanging file folders. Then the older girls and I started purging everything on the buffet. All the mail, the mass mailing catalogs, the bills, the insurance EOBs that have been sitting in piles in the buffet. We filled up one green trash bag with junk. What a waste of good trees.

Then we sorted the remaining items into piles and filed them away. I am now organized! No more just dumping things onto the buffet. I think I have a file for everything we use. If something else comes in the I will make a file for it and put it into my crate.

We also scrubbed the grungy kitchen floor and vacuumed the downstairs carpet and stairs. Oh and the older triplets wanted to help so I had them scrub the main hall bathroom. It is all sparkly now. 🙂

We were all productive and the house is looking great!

Next up on the list — the upstairs linen/storage closet.

It took a bit longer than planned to get back. The old computer is D-E-A-D! May it rest in peace. I am going to have a friend who is a computer geek take a look at it and see if we can salvage anything off the hard drive. It would be nice not to have to recreate a couple of things, but if I have to, oh well. Just a couple hours of work. I am also going to look into getting a tape backup. Something that will automatically back up the computer every night.

I am typing on our new HP Pavilion Slimline. It is a wonderful machine, but boy I hate getting used to typing on a new keyboard. Plus I have had to recreate all the favorites. I am sure I am missing some, hopefully I find them at some point.

On top of all of this I have the most of the children sick. This latest cold is amazing they go from a cold to sinus infection and bronchitis in 3 days. As of right now I have 5 on antibiotics and a couple on steroids so hopefully by the weekend all will be on the mend. (Of course that means 6 more that have a chance to come down with it before then.)

So today is getting the house back into some semblance of order and work on another item on my spring cleaning list. Today is the dreaded buffet. Someday I will tame the paper monster. Just not sure when or how.

Spring Cleaning 2009

So it is nearly Spring. It starts in less than 24 hours. While I kept the house presentable over the winter with everything that was going on and the illnesses it still looks like we have lived through winter.

So I am starting my Spring Cleaning today. I don’t turn the house inside out in a day and expect all to get back in order with hours. I am focusing on one problem area at a time to get it under control and then move onto to the next one.

Today was the kitchen pantry closet. I like to think of this as my working pantry. This is where I keep the open flours, sugars, cereals. Things that need to be used up or are used often.

Lately the children have used it as a place to stuff anything they haven’t wanted to put away properly in the main pantry down stairs. So it was looking like it threw up into the kitchen. Yes it was THAT bad. I have been after several of the children to clean it out, but they always had “too much homework.” Considering my oldest is a senior and working on a major project and my freshman is in the International Baccalaureate program and has tons of work, I can kinda give them that one. BUT constantly for 5 weeks, I think not. I think teenage laziness was rearing its head.

But I reached the point I could not take it any more. So once the my little girls went down for nap, I pulled everything out. And I mean everything! I washed the floor and the shelves. While they were drying I started sorting through the mess.

Out went expired cereals. Oil from who knows when. Bags of opened cookies that everyone forgot about. Empty containers. Yes, the darlings put back 3 empty peanut butter jars. I put duplicate, unopened items into a bin to go the downstairs pantry where they belonged anyway.

I corraled the opened chips and snack items into baskets and bins. Then I put everything away. The top shelf holds big boxes and “untouchables.” You know those things only for Mom and Dad and if you eat them you are grounded. The next shelf is baking items. Flours, sugars, shortening, and oils. Then comes the shelf with the chips and drink mixes. After that comes the cereal shelf. Opened bags are in a bin, the boxes are next to the bin. Then the bottom shelf is snacks and cookies. On the floor is the industrial size oil jar and an empty bin where I put bags of potatoes and the like.

I still have some opened duplicates. We have 3 jars of peanut butter open right now and two jars of honey. But now we know about them and they are available to be used up instead of staying buried in the pantry.

My oldest came home and said “Mom, it is prettiful!” I guess teenage for it looks great.

Now to keep it that way!