First of the month, I was on fire to get a boot camp going.  I planned on having the house cleaned top to bottom, the homeschooling back on track and the attitudes adjusted.  You have to love when life throws you one curve ball after another and all you are hitting are fouls and strikes.

The entire month of October has been spent running back and forth to appointments, both planned and unplanned, for numerous members of the family.  In the midst of it all, I found out I have severe arthritis in one of my hips.  I have been going to physical therapy three time a week in the attempt to postpone the inevitable hip replacement.  Talk about a time drain.  Since I need to have aqua therapy, I had to go farther than I would for PT.  The pool opens up at 9 and closes down at 4.  It takes a total of 2 hours to drive, change, do the PT, dry off, re-dress and get home.  Either way it is a chunk of “prime time” for me.  If I do the morning, I am getting back around lunch time.  If I do the afternoon, it interferes with dinner preparation and pick-up time for the girls at the college.  I need to head back to the orthopedic to re-evaluate what needs to be done.  I may just have to live with the pain a few more years until I feel “old enough” to have it replaced.

Next week is the family All Saints Holiday Break. Other than fun reading, I am giving the children a break from schoolwork.  I have also decided to cancel physical therapy for the week for me. I  have printed off the Big Clean List and we will once again begin on the house.  Children’s attitudes during the week will determine if a Blasdell Boot Camp will start the following week.

The realization..

at 6:30 PM, while you are trying to get dinner on the table, how far things have slipped for the family.

I had the three 12 years olds being called constantly from the far reaches of the house to do one thing or the other. I asked one to unload the dishwasher and was yelled at that is NOT MY JOB!!!!  Hello smart mouth, it is now YOUR JOB for the entire month of October.  I had the 14 year old being non-cooperative in bringing up something from the basement pantry.

I had three 5 year olds running in and out of the kitchen screaming about being my kitchen helper.  One is trying to get ice out of the refrigerator for drinks, one is trying to set the table and one is trying to stir the boiling pots on the stove. And when one of the 12 year olds happens to be on the same floor, trying to communicate what I wanted or needed them to do increasingly hard since the noise level kept increasing.

After being totally frustrated with the evening meal preparation and the manners at the dinner table tonight, I have decided it is time for Blasdell Boot-Camp!  Things are going to get ugly around here until the behaviors improve.  Actually having the boot-camp now works will with Fall Big Clean.  It will give the children plenty to do instead of crying “I’m B-O-R-E-D!” every five minutes.  I hear that once and they will no longer be bored.  I have least 100 things to do on the Big Clean List that will keep them busy for a week or so.

So tomorrow the children will be told the boot camp begins.  I have had to do this once or twice the past two or three years so they will no what it means.  For them it means loss of privileges until further notice.  Do not ask to go on a bike ride around the neighborhood, do not ask to play our front with your friends and do not ask for any special errands to be done.  It also means no electronics or screens, so no TV, no MP3 players, no DSs, and no computer except for school work.  Just about the only thing then can do is schoolwork, chores, play in the backyard or read.

This will go on for a week, or two, or three.  It will depend on how fast their attitudes change.