You never realize…

I never realize how important my basic appliances are to the smooth running of the family until they are not longer working properly.

Tuesday, I came downstairs to a puddle coming out from under the kitchen sink counter. I couldn’t find a leak, but I called out plumber. He said it sounded like the dishwasher has sprung a leak. Thankfully we have an extended warranty, but they can’t come until next Tuesday. Can you imagine washing all the family’s dishes three times or more a day? I know many of you do hand wash all your dishes, but we haven’t in years. I took a trip to the big box store to pick up paper plates, plastic cups and plastic silverware. I don’t like to make it a habit to use the paper products, but desperate times call for desperate measures. We have the dish washing down to pots and pans and just a few utensils a day.

Wednesday evening, I put the chicken legs and thighs in the pre-heated oven to cook dinner. About 20 minutes later, there was an odor in the kitchen, I just thought it was something in the oven that was burning off the element. When the timer went off Douglas took the chicken out and said “Mom are sure this is done? The oven is cold and the chicken looks raw.” Sure enough the oven had stopped working.

I went to pack up the vegetables and potatoes and the plastic supporting as glass shelf snapped when I put the bowls down. This made two shelves that were seriously broken. Duct tape only holds up so long. Plus the ice maker has been working intermittently.

We called to check on the cost of a repair for the stove and looked on line for the cost of replacement parts for the fridge. The service call to check out the oven would start at $100. Once he determines what is what is necessary you have to add the price of all the parts, time etc. The cost to replace the shelves in the 10 year old fridge was about $150 each.

Richard and I headed up to the appliance store around 6:30 PM. We walked out about an hour later having purchased a new stove and refrigerator, scheduled for delivery on Friday morning. Thankfully, they were delivered and set up in a timely manner. I cannot wait until Tuesday when I have a functional dishwasher!

I hope your week has been not as costly as mine and your appliances are working.

Pax Christi!


A married woman must often leave God at the altar in order to find Him in her housework
~~St. Francis of Rome

3 thoughts on “You never realize…

  1. Just as costly here. Immigration paperwork fees for our adoption, plus 4 new tires for our full size van. Our dishwasher has been broken for months, and there are 13 of us in the house these days. Appliances do seem to go out in 3s. At least they did in our old house. Enjoy your new and improved ones! 🙂

  2. Shecki,Good luck on your adoption! I can totally understand the tire issue. We had to get tires last month.So for we are loving the new appliances!

  3. Shecki,Good luck on your adoption! I can totally understand the tire issue. We had to get tires last month.So for we are loving the new appliances!

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