My how time flies! An update on us

Wow, my last blog post was December 2013!  I planned to post much earlier this year, but life kept getting in the way.  We were in the midst of several major, but much-needed updates to the house. A leaking roof is never a good thing, not to mention rotted bathroom floors.  Those took the “oh, let’s replace the bathroom floor” to a total bathroom revision, times two.  The deck also was falling apart and needed to be rebuilt. While we were on a roll, we decided update the kitchen.  All this in the midst of home-schooling and trying to keep everyone on track academically. Blogging took a back seat to real life.

The big news this year is our oldest two daughters graduated from the local community college in May.  They have now started their journeys toward completing their Bachelor’s degrees.  However, I have over-achievers.  They have both entered into programs which will allow them to graduate with a Master’s degree too.

July was a busy month.  During the first week, the boys attend Boy Scout summer camp at the local scout reservation. The third week of the month saw the high schoolers attending the first ever Camp Veritas for the Baltimore/DC area.  They had a wonderful, faith-filled week and are talking about attending again in July 2015. The last week of the month the boys headed to the county fair once again for trash detail.  This is the major Boy Scout troop fundraiser for the year, and the boys earn money for their scout accounts by working at it.  These accounts pay for all things scouting, including their annual summer camp trip.

In August, Douglas was awarded his Eagle Scout Rank.  This was the culmination of a year of planning and hard work for him.  He becomes the 5th boy in the family to receive the rank.  His father, three uncles and his cousin are all Eagle Scouts too.  We were blessed to have them all here for his Eagle Ceremony.

After Douglas’ Eagle ceremony we began our home school year. I now have a tenth grader, 3 ninth graders and 3 second graders.  Keeping up with everyone’s schooling is making life interesting!  In math alone I have 5 different courses being taught, from Geometry down to Math 2.  In language arts/reading it is the same, American literature down to second grade and still learning to read proficiently.

We also participate in a home school co-op which meets once a week.  This provides a great opportunity for the needed “socialization” and some fun classes too.  Where else can a chemistry lab be all about cooking in the kitchen or basic logic come from discussions using the Fallacy Detective and Thinking Box books.  The younger ones get to perform in the Disney musical theater class, learn about famous artists by recreating the artist’s works and learn science from The Magic Schoolbus. I have a blast teaching French, Civics and American Government to the high school crowd.

As the calendar year winds down, we are beginning to gear up for the holidays. It is hard to believe Christmas is a little over two months away.  Now that it is October, we have decorated for Halloween. We have decided only the younger three will be trick-or-treating this year.  The others are going to be helping out by walking them around the neighborhood or handing out the candy at home.  Next up is to plan for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I hope you have all had a wonderful year so far.