Allergies Rearing Their Ugly Head

This week has been a very interesting week around the elementary school. Friday afternoon I received another phone call from the nurse. (Hi Ms. Teresa!) Becky was having another reaction. This was her 3rd one in 2 weeks. We are trying to ferret out the cause, but can’t seem to figure it out.

For those that don’t know, Becky has a severe allergy to latex. We found this out when she was 3. While sitting in the dentist’s chair her entire body started breaking out in hives while the dentist was cleaning her teeth. Needless to say the gloves were immediately taken off, benedryll was given and the reaction calmed down.

The next week she was eating a banana and said her mouth was all “tingly.” Then we noticed the rash again. I called the doctor and said to have her tested. So we had that done. Turns out that she was “highly allergic” to latex. The allergist mentioned the words “deathly allergic” in there too. So we started carrying an epi-pen. And we got very attentive to anything containing natural rubber, which is where latex comes from.

Do you all know how many things have latex in them? Here is a short list of things I had never thought of:

Tennis shoes
Playground balls
Carpet padding
Some socks
Bathing suits
Chewing gum
Band Aids
Medical tapes
Some glues
Rubber cement
Some stickers
Some crayons

And the list goes on and on. Not to mention the food cross reactions, like bananas.

And with Becky being so allergic we had to be very careful about things. I know the school was not happy for a long time since I refused to allow regular pencils into her classroom. The teacher’s love to put tennis balls on the chairs, that can’t happen when she is in the classroom (or her brother or sister’s classroom either since the dust can settle on backpacks and cause issues).

Because we were so vigilant (and some would say militant) her sensitivity level decreased to the point where we were not so afraid. Well now she has had these reactions and we can’t figure out what is going on.

So next month we are taking her back for more testing to see how bad the allergy has become and if she has become allergic to anything else. Now to keep her safe until then.