Here we go again…

Liz had a neurology appointment on Friday. Since this all began in February of 2010, Liz has had horrible headaches. She had some relief from the pain after the initial surgery in February and then again with the revision surgeries in June. Lately the headaches have been getting worse.

There is a test that is done called a shunt patency test. Dye is injected into the shunt and the x-rays are taken to see how long it takes to drain. The last time Liz had one it took 14 minutes, it should take under 10 minutes. No one had told us about this delay, but since the headaches have steadily been getting worse, so it is now a concern.

Shunts have settings, or openings, to allow for the different speeds of draining of the cerebral fluid. The doctor adjusted Liz’s shunt to the lowest it can possibly go. So now we will see how it drains over the next week.

She goes next Friday for another shunt patency test to see if the shunt adjustment has worked and the shunt is draining faster and better. I had to ask the question of what happens if it isn’t doing better. The doctor said let’s not borrow trouble. I HATE when people say that!

I hope you have a wonderful rest of your weekend.

Pax Christi!

A married woman must often leave God at the altar in order to find Him in her housework ~~St. Francis of Rome

Wacky Week

This week is definately falls under the Wacky category. It is the last full week before Christmas for the schools. So everyone is trying to get everything done.

At the elementary school I am running the Holiday Gift Shop. Needless to say with this economy, not much is selling. Since we don’t run this as a fund raiser, it is not a big deal to the school. I wonder how schools that use it for a fundraiser are doing. I am glad I shortened it to only 3 days, so it is over tomorrow.

Today after the holiday shop, Richard and I headed the annual Christmas Meal at the Knight of Columbus meeting. There was a great turnout and everyone had a wonderful time of holiday fellowship.

Mandy’s High School Program is having it’s Holiday Party tomorrow after school. Thursday her French Club is having it’s party. Then Douglas’s Scout troop is having it’s party. Friday, Patrick’s Cub Scout Pack has it’s party. See the wackiness here.

Tomorrow we are heading to Richard’s surgeon for his first post-op appointment. We will get to see how he is healing and get an estimate on when he can return to work and “full duty.”

Added to all of this wackiness on late Friday morning I need to pick up Liz for her Semester break (and get back in time for Patrick’s Party).

A married woman must often leave God at the altar in order to find Him in her housework ~~St. Francis of Rome