PrepWise Wednesday: A reason

When you start on your preparedness journey, you see or hear something on the news and you think, what if that happens to us. For me it was when Hurricane Isabelle blew through the area in September 2002. We were one of the lucky ones and by the grace of God did not lose power like the millions of other people in the mid-Atlantic area.

That particular event left stores without power, fast food restaurants without power, and no delivery of food or other supplies to areas for a week or more. I realized that while I had some food stores in the house I was not prepared for something prolonged. So it was after Isabelle I decided to build up my food stores, water stores and emergency medical supplies.

There are many sites you can use to help figure out what you need for your family.  Here are a couple I have used in the past, and use now.

For a VERY basic calculator you check out the Latter Day Saints area on  With this one you plug in the number of people by ages and it gives you a rough number of pounds or items you need to have in the house to provide for a year.  This will allow to have an estimate of what you would need.  Then you can break it down and budget for building up your stores.

A more in-depth food storage calculator can be found over at Millennium Ark.  It is the Deyo Calculator and is spreadsheet based.  I like using this one since I can customize it more for my family.  Millennium Ark Long Term Food Storage area is a great resource to browse when you have time.  It has a lot of basic information on preparing you and your family for any emergency.  Some of the rest of the site is little too tin foil hatish for me, but the preparedness area has some wonderful information.

Remember to take into account any food allergies or sensitives when you are planning your food storage for your family.  We only have 2 allergies we need to be concerned about: coconut and latex.  Not as extensive as some, but it complicates things in others

The new year is coming.  Check out some of these food calculators and start making your plan for beefing up your food and other emergency stores for your family.

 Pax Christi!

A married woman must often leave God at the altar in order to find Him in her housework ~~St. Francis of Rome