Community Supported Agriculture

Here is the link to the local farmers that I promised you. Thanks Rachel for giving it to me again.

With this site you can find local farmers that provide fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs, etc. Most of them in my area appear to be using organic and free range practices. You know to get the organic seal takes so much time and money most of the local people don’t go for it.

I am going to check out the site and find those farmers that are close to me and see what purchasing a share entails and how much food you are purchasing. Let me know if you are using one in your area.


I splurged this week on a climbing toy for the girls. They have been climbing on the couch and getting into trouble. So we bought them toy that has a tunnel, slide and a ball pit. So now they are staying of the couch more and trying to jump off the slide. Oh well.



Maggie says “Wheeeeee”




It’s the Pits