March 1st and a new focus

The beginning of the week was chock full of running around. You all know the usual for our family. 🙂

Thursday was a sad day, we had to put down our dog Ginger. She was 10 years old and had been battling cancer for the past 18 months and finally reached the point where it was she was too uncomfortable. The older trio were very upset since she has been around their entire lives. The oldest three had a feeling it was coming since they saw how much pain she was in. Of course the babies have no idea. You know what I am finding I miss the most about her, she was our vacuum when the babies would throw those cheerios overboard. Now I have to haul out the dustbuster more. LOL

Seriously though, I have been having thoughts about what I what to accomplish around the house and with the budget. I am sure you all are feeling the pinch too. Our electric bill went up 72% percent in July 07. It is slated to go up another 15% in July of this year too. Do you even want to talk about gas prices???? How about food prices?? Two years ago I was able to feed my family of 8 for $500. Now it is up to about $700. And that is taking out the increase with the girls. You add them in it is almost $800 a month.

How many of you are carrying credit card debt? That is just a major drain. Thankfully we don’t have much. My goal this year is to get it all paid off. That will just leave us the house and the van payment. I have me semi-following the Dave Ramsey plan to get out of debt. I intend to pick up the intesity and “go gazelle” like he says and have the cards gone by the end of the year. I have some little medical bills, copays and the like I didn’t know about that I am going to pay off this week, an orthodontist to get paid off, another loan and then 5 small credit balances. My grand total is $6,260. Not horrible, not real great. So this is my goal, I figure I will have least $1,500 gone this month.

Today I am writing out a new budget. Seeing where the fat is as seeing how much I can cut off. I know the family isn’t going to like it much. I am going to make those pennies squeal. I am going to have the older girls inventory the pantry and see what we have. Then I will be making out the menus, except for fresh milk, produce and diapers I do not want to buy much this month.