Work on it Wednesday — May 20

Today is Wednesday. We are supposed to work on those things that we haven’t been doing. Well today is a day off for me. My oldest graduates in a week and a half, the school year is winding down for everyone else and today is a big meeting for the elementary school parents. Of course I won’t be going because they do not provide child care, so I am watching a friend’s little girl for her. She promised to bring back goodies!

Plus the high schools have a weird schedule because of high school assesment tests and senior exams. They student’s all go in 3 and half hours late. I need to drive Liz up to her school. Mandy can take the bus since her school is her “home school.”

Then this evening Mandy’s French Club is going to a French Bistro for dinner. Since we have the large 15 passenger van I was “volunteered” to drive. Oh well, at least I will be given a free meal and get to spend time with the French club. (At least I took French in high school so I can sound somewhat intelligent when I order.)

I hope you all are getting things done! I will back next week hitting those things I need to do.