A Master Shopping List

How do you shop? Do you wing it? Do you make a list each time you go to the store?

Since I try to shop from my pantry and restock the shelves, I shop with a list. I have even made master shopping lists for each store that I frequent. And these lists are set up by store lay out. I know how geeky. But I am able to get into the stores, shop and check out rather quickly. Most of my time is spent waiting to check out.

Oh the looks I get when I am doing a major restocking trip and have 2, 3 or even 4 carts that are full. I try to go on off hours for these types of trips, it can take an hour or more to check out and going on a busy weekend morning tends to make the store managers cranky. I like to stay on their good sides. I often will have them waive the sales limit requirement for me. Of course it helps when you get Christmas cards from the managers because you are on a first name basis with them.

Right now, I need to recreate my lists; one store where I used to shop has closed. We also now have a Wegman’s. I have had many people tell me that they have good prices on the basics. I am placing that on my To Do list for Thursday since today’s list is already full.

Why don’t you join me and start a master list. Overall you will have a better shopping experience.

Pax Christi,

A married woman must often leave God at the altar in order to find Him in her housework ~~St. Francis of Rome