Learning to live life with a shunt

The rest of our the week was very interesting. Liz started with a headache on Wednesday. The pain was intense and causing nausea, but thankfully no “swooshing” in the ears. It lasted through Thursday and into Friday. So I called the neurosurgeon. I was told to take her to the local ER. So off we went. She had more xrays and another CT scan, plus blood work to rule out infection. The good news is the shunt is in place and is working. There is also no sign of infection. The bad news is the shunt probably needs to be adjusted. We will need to call the neurosurgeon on Monday and schedule an appointment for next week. In the mean time Liz will probably be having these headaches on and off. I feel for her, because the headaches are very painful and of course it brings everything back and she starts with panic attacks.

So we are learning to live life with a shunt in the house. Once we can get the shunt setting to the correct place, the headaches should go away. We found out that anytime she runs a fever of 100 or higher she needs to head to the ER to rule out a shunt infection, at least that is what the ER doctor’s told us. When we see the neurosurgeon next week I think I will ask for clarification. I can see us almost living at the ER and the idea of the shunt is to make life more normal, not more difficult.

I hope your week was less eventful than ours.

A married woman must often leave God at the altar in order to find Him in her housework ~~St. Francis of Rome