Traditional Thursday: Water Kefir

I am sure you have heard of kefir. This is usually a fermented milk drink that has wonderful properties for the body. However, I have never been able to get the milk kefir to turn out right, so I gave up trying.  A friend of mine told me about water kefir, which I researched  and decided that I wanted to try in the future.  Recently another friend, had some extra water kefir grains available, so now is the time to give it a try. The grains are dehydrated, so I need to rehydrate them first.

To do this, I need to heat up 4 cups of water, then dissolve 4 tablespoons of demerra sugar (or other unprocessed natural sugar) into the water. Once the sugar water is cool, I will add in water kefir grains and let them rehydrate and plump up. After the grains soak for about five days, I will be able to actually start making the water kefir after straining them out of the rehydrating solution.

Water kefir is simply made by dissolving organic, unprocessed sugar into water. Then adding the kefir grains into the solution and letting it ferment for 24 to 72 hours. After the time has passed, you strain the grains off and start all over again for a new batch. What I am finding out and can’t wait to try is that you can use non acidic fruit juice instead of water and sugar for a different take and taste on the water kefir.  I will start experimenting with flavors sometime next month after the grains have a chance to really get going again.

There are other variations and flavors that can be tried.  One I can’t wait to try is lemonade kefir. I would suggest a visit to Cultures for Health to learn more about kefirs and other good for you cultures.

Here’s to good for you ferments!

Pax Christi!