Work On It Wednesday — July 8

Summer is just about half over here which is hard to believe! The routines and schedules I put into place at the beginning of the summer are actually working. The house is staying presentable and I am not pulling my hair out and yelling at the children (well most of the time anyway). So I am considering it a successful summer so far.

The past two days have been quite crazy around here with unexpected trips to the ER for a horrible stomach ache and a trip to the doctor for some suspected chicken pox (and this the 15 year old who already had them — 14 years ago!) so now we wait and see if it really is since the can’t say definately one way or the other.

So today I have a few things that need to get done that I haven’t been able to get to.

1. Straigthen up the buffett. This has been relatively clean, but has received some paper clutter recently that needs to be filed.

2. Clean off the computer desk. Same thing, paper clutter that needs to be pitched or filed.

3. Bake bread. I have promising to bake some bread this week and haven’t been able to start it early enough.

Nothing will take too long. (You can’t count the rising time for the bread!) So if I start it everything right after breakfast it shouldn’t take me more than 30 minutes to get it all done. Not a bad Work on It Wednesday at all!

Work on it Wednesday — May 20

Today is Wednesday. We are supposed to work on those things that we haven’t been doing. Well today is a day off for me. My oldest graduates in a week and a half, the school year is winding down for everyone else and today is a big meeting for the elementary school parents. Of course I won’t be going because they do not provide child care, so I am watching a friend’s little girl for her. She promised to bring back goodies!

Plus the high schools have a weird schedule because of high school assesment tests and senior exams. They student’s all go in 3 and half hours late. I need to drive Liz up to her school. Mandy can take the bus since her school is her “home school.”

Then this evening Mandy’s French Club is going to a French Bistro for dinner. Since we have the large 15 passenger van I was “volunteered” to drive. Oh well, at least I will be given a free meal and get to spend time with the French club. (At least I took French in high school so I can sound somewhat intelligent when I order.)

I hope you all are getting things done! I will back next week hitting those things I need to do.

Work on it Wednesday — May 13

Today I am going to work around the downstairs. I want to Liquid Gold the kitchen cabinets. Liquid Gold cleans the cabinets and puts a protective coating on them. I like to do this two or three times a year just to keep the cabinets looking presentable.

I also want to clean the refrigerator shelves. They have gotten a little sticky over the past week or two so it needs to get done. I like to “scrub” the refrigerator every couple of weeks just to keep it looking good and it make sure all those “little” messes don’t turn into huge fuzzy science projects.

Next up is the kitchen pantry area. The children have been doing a great job for the most part of putting things where they need to go since it was last done top to bottom. But even organized things need to be gone through once in while to make sure they stay that way.

Finally I am going to clean all the glass surfaces. And yes that means washing windows too. I have 3 pairs of hands that are at the perfect level for making messes. The little ones also like to press their faces to the windows. Our entertainment center also has glass doors that are finger print magnets. Oh and I cannot forget the puppy, the sliding glass door and muddy paw prints.

So that should take up a good portion of the day.

Work on it Wednesday — May 6

Today I am in the master bedroom. It has once again become a dumping ground. My dresser is piled high with stuff, most of it belonging elsewhere. I need to go through a couple of dresser drawers and purge things and then rearrange them. At least I have the stuffed animals done from last week’s Work on it Wednesday so that is one corner of my dresser that was clean. Of course it has gotten piled high with other items since then.

My to do list for today
2 dresser drawers purged and straightened
Clean off top of dresser
Clean off nightstands

Work on it Wednesday

My work on it Wednesday it is going to be getting the mending done. I have a mountain of mending that needs to be done. To be honest it will take me about an hour to get it all done. But I have had a case of the “I don’t want to’s” for a while. I hate mending. It seems like a useless task. So the item, grows into a pile, that grows into a mound, and which grows into a mountain.

And most of the mending is actually stuffed animals that have been so loved to death that the stuffing is falling out. Then I have a few buttons to sew on and a few seams that need to be mended. So I am going to get that done and out of the way. Then I won’t have the mending monkey on my back anymore!

Work on It Wednesday

So today is Work on it Wednesday. When you are supposed to decide to work on something that has been lingering on your to do list. I had great plans for today. I was finally going to attack the kitchen pantry. Well after another night with horribly coughing two year olds, I decided they needed to be seen. So off to the doctor’s (well nurse practitioner’s) we went. Of course taking three 2 year olds any place is always fun. There was a wait. After all we are in the middle of the cold and flu season. The girls did great overall. But here is the outcome: 1) Doing good. Looks like allergies are starting up already, start her on some Zyrtec. 2) EWWW she sounds really rattly in the chest. Time to start her on an antibiotic. Oh and start her on the Zyrtec too. 3) She sounds good in the chest, but boy does she have a sinus thing going on. Time for antibiotic for her too. And yes you guessed it, start her on the Zyrtec also.

So my work on it Wednesday is going to be heading up to Walgreens and getting the antibiotics and the Zyrtec. (Does anyone know if you can get that in a gallon bottle?)

Hope you all had a more productive day than I was able to have around the house. But the little ones come first and as Scarlett says, “I will think about [the house] tomorrow!”