We got bundled!

We did it. We confess. We got bundled today! We were waiting for Verizon to get its act together and put FIOS into our area. After months of waiting and talking to them and getting no answer I decided I need to save money now! So we called and priced the cable, phone, internet bundle. We are going to save almost $100 a month over having those services with seperate companies. SCORE! 😀

I suggest you all look into doing something like this. With the rising costs of fuel, energy and food every little bit helps.

Boy! What a week!

Why does it seems that the more you have to do, the less gets done? The past week or so has been spent doing a lot of research on line for various things. Then I have a little one in summer school so we are running back and forth with that. Oh and did I mention the house work needs to be done too?

Can’t forget, have to take one child to spend a week here, then another to spend a week there. Oh and by the way you have to go pick them up too. Might as well throw in another trip to the doctor just for good measure too, since a child is complaining of ear pain.

Now lets get together with the MomsClub for Moms night out. Just how many times can your children call? Well the kicker was the child with the bleeding ear. Guess that means you cut the night short. Luckily the “blood pouring out the ear and soaking everything” has stopped by the time you get home and said child is asleep. So you need to plan another trip to the doctor for the morning. OOPS can’t do that because you have the appointment scheduled two months ago that you have to go to. Oh and it is on the other side of the city, must plan at least a 90 minute trip to get there. And since it is in the afternoon, you know it will be 2 hours until you get home. So the trip to the doctor for the now stopped bleeding ear will wait a day.

WHEW the week is almost over! Well I spoke too soon, DH is having someone come over on Monday so that means you really need to do a deep clean rather then the lick and the promise that you have been doing the past two weeks. OOPS child with the ear is screaming in pain, so off you go to the doctor. BUT WAIT! The oldest son has to serve at Mass for the first time before that can happen. So you give the child in pain Motrin, take son to Mass. While leaving other children home with older child since DH is working and you aren’t going to test the fates and take all of them by yourself.

Come home from Mass, take the screaming child to the urgent care center. Find out the drops you have been giving him for the past week have not been working. You finally get home in the late afternoon and realize the deep cleaning still needs to be done!

So you log onto the computer and decide to get caught up on the all the emails that have piled up the past week. Get through them and then make dinner. Get the dinner dishes cleaned up. And then start the deep clean, sort of. Get through the messiest/most cluttered part of the downstairs. Then you have an A HA moment. Decide since DH invited this person. HE gets to vacuum and dust the downstairs tomorrow.

Then you decide to update your blog. 🙂

So know you how my week has been going.

Happy Anniversary

On this date in 1952 my mom and dad were married. Today they are celebrating 56 years of marriage. Almost a miracle in this day and age!

Yes they had their ups and downs, but they worked through it (and several of my dad’s deployments). Their marriage showed me the meaning of commitment and love as I was growing up.

I hope my marriage is a great of a model to my children.


A quick errand…..

All I wanted to do was run to Walmart, get the 7 items I needed. You figure maybe a 30 – 40 minute shopping trip. Right.

Try it triplet style…..

Pull into the parking lot and find a spot where you can park the yacht, I mean van.
It is now 10:00 AM

Take out the triplet stroller open it up.
Take 1st baby out of car seat, buckle into stroller.
Take 2nd baby out of car seat, buckle into stroller.
Take 3rd baby out of car seat, buckle into stroller.
Car drives buy and stops, ARE THOSE TRIPLETS? Yes they are.
Reach into car to get the diaper bag/purse.
ARE YOUR SURE? Yes I was there when they were born.

Start pushing the stroller, car drives next to you. HOW DO YOU DO IT? You just do.
Turn and go up the parking lot aisle car continues to drive next to you. ARE THEY NATURAL? Umm yeah.

Finally get to the front of the store and the car has to turn or run into the building.

Get in the door, grab a cart to pull while push the stroller. Lady stops and stares. ARE THOSE TRIPLETS? Yes the are. ARE THEY YOURS? Yes. ARE THEY NATURAL? Yes. I need to get going. Bye. And start moving.

Walk down the main aisle. A grandfatherly man steps out in front of the stroller so you have to stop quickly to avoid hitting him. ARE THOSE TRIPLETS? Yes they are. ARE THEY YOURS? Yes. Excuse me, I need to get up that aisle. He slowly moves aside.

Maneuver the stroller and the cart around the man to get up the aisle. Retrieve the item, put it the cart and start moving.

A woman pushing a cart turns into the Aisle. Places her cart so you can’t get around. Excuse me. ARE THOSE TRIPLETS? Yes. Please excuse me. ARE THEY YOURS? Yes. Please move your cart. ARE THEY NATURAL? Yes. I need to get going, please move your cart. Reluctantly she moves the cart so you can pass.

Get the stroller and the cart moving so you can head back to the baby section to get the real reason you are there. (Need more diapers of course) A little girl stops in front of you. MOM! LOOK! 3 BABIES! MOM!LOOK!3 BABIES! Sweetheart please move so I can get going. She moves so you can get by. Her mother comes. OH MY WORD! ARE THEY TRIPLETS? Yes. Now please excuse me, I need to get going.

She moves and you FINALLY make back to the baby section to get the diapers and the other things you need back there. Get everything you need (surprisingly without any more interruptions)and start heading toward the front of the store.

Grandmotherly women stop and gawk. ARE THEY TRIPLETS? Yes, as you keep on moving.

Finally get to the check out. Start loading up the cash register belt. Someone stops and shouts across the registers. JESUS! I WOULD KILL MYSELF! Well probably a good thing I am their mother and not you.

Check out and chat with the cashier about how they have grown and she is sorry she doesn’t see them more. Pay, load up the cart.

Get going out the door. Another lady stops in front of me. AREN’T YOU BLESSED! Thank you, we definitely are. She moves out of the way and you are able to get out to the door.

The lady follows you. ARE THEY NATURAL? Yes.
ARE THEY IDENTICAL? Yes and no. WHAT DO YOU MEAN? Well, there is a set of identical twins with a fraternal triplet. WOW I DIDN’T THINK THAT WAS POSSIBLE!

You reach the van. Open the door. The lady is still there staring at you and the babies.

Grab the 1st baby put in van.
Grab the 2nd baby and put in van.
Grab the 3rd baby and put in van.

Babies start walking around the van. Grab purse and diaper bag and throw into van. The lady is still there staring at you and the babies.

Climb into van and get the 1st baby buckled into car seat.
Grab the 2nd baby from playing with the CDs, buckle into car seat
Look around. Find the 3rd baby under the BACK bench seat. Climb out of van, open back door, grab the baby from under the seat. Walk around the van and climb back in. Buckle the 3rd baby into the car seat.

The lady is still there staring at you and the babies. Climb back out of the van. Look at the lady, Do you NEED something? She says. No. I am just amazed how you do it. Roll eyes at her.

Fold up stroller put into van, close door.

Take cart to back of van. Load up van (Remember the door is still open from getting out the 3rd baby.) Close door. Leave cart there because you are creeped out that the lady is STILL there. Walk to the driver’s side, get in start van, lock doors. Wave at creepy lady and pull away.

Time is now 11:45.

That is a quick errand done triplet style.

A fellow triplet mom blogger had this on her blog. So I snagged it! Thanks Cheri!

A Trip To The Supermarket
By: Jeanne-Marie Laubert

Yes, they are mine.
My weight gain and method of reproduction are not your business.
Yes, I have my hands full and you are right I have no free time, which is why I can’t stop to socialize at this moment.
No, I’ve never mixed them up and yes, I’m glad they’re mine and not yours too.
I’m glad to hear that your neighbor or cousin has twins.
It’s nice that your aunt’s brother’s cousin’s niece has a friend that knows a woman with triplets.
Thank you for your compliments, but please no jokes.
I’m quite tired of “What do you do with your free time?” and “Wait ’til they are teenagers!”
I don’t need your pity, but blessing are always welcome.
I hope you don’t find me rude but you are the tenth person to stop me in the last five minutes, and my ice cream is melting.
You may see triple trouble, but I see triple pleasure… and by the way, to tell them apart, I look at them.
Have a nice day.

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for my teenagers! I know who wants to admit that? But my two are wonderful. They help out when asked (with minimal grumbling most times). They even can see what needs to be done and step in without direction and get it done.

I am noticing right now how much I depend on them to help me through the day. Right now my 14 year old is visiting a friend for a week and my 16 year old went to a concert yesterday and has spent the last 2 night away. It has been an adjustment to get through the day.

Thank you girls for all you do!

I was tagged!

Thursday’s Child over at Thursday’s Musings has tagged me.

Here are the rules.

1) Link to the person who tagged me.
2) Mention the rules.
3) Tell 6 quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about myself.
4) Tag 6 other bloggers by linking to them.
5) Go to each person’s blog and leave a comment that lets them know they’ve been tagged.

Okay here go the Quirky, Boring Details

1. I love to read! I almost always have a book going (sometimes 2 or 3). With my life it may take a while to get through it but I eventually do.

2. I love to watch Little House on the Prairie! I loved the books too so that may be why I loved the TV series.

3. Speaking of TV, I love Survivor. Swore I would never watch that “stupid thing” guess I should have kept my mouth shut….

4. I love to make pennies squeak. With my family I have to be frugal, so I have embraced the lifestyle and try to make it a fun as possible.

5. I can’t play sports. I have no eye hand coordination or any type of agility. Probably why my nick name growing up was Grace. 🙂

6. I wanted to marry someone in the military. I was born and raised in the army and figured that was the only way to go. Instead I fell in love with some one who was a police officer, who finally saw the light and moved over to firefighting. HMMM which is safer. 🙂 But notice he was still someone in a uniform so I guess I kinda got my heart’s desire.

Okay for the 6 I am tagging. (Don’t hate me people!)


Working on my List

The past couple of days I have been working on my Twenty Wishes list. Here is what I have so far (Remember it is always a work in process.)

1. Learn to Tat
2. Take cooking lessons
3. Develop a workshop to help other mothers to become more frugal, learn to live debt free and become more organized.
4. Go back and get a degree in nursing or a related field
5. Learn to Bellydance (my wild and crazy side coming out here)
6. Live in the country in a Victorian house
7. Go back and visit Paris
8. Write a novel or book
9. Have a family vacation of at least a week at the beach
10. Make my children matching Easter outfits

Well there is half of them. I will work on more soon!

Twenty Wishes

I splurged this week and bought the new Debbie Macomer Blossom Street Book Twenty Wishes.

In this book a group of widow friends get together on Valentine’s Day so they don’t have to be alone. At their party they all decide to put together a list of twenty wishes. These are things they want to accomplish or do. There is no time frame to make the list or complete the items on the list. These wishes turned out to be as simple as buying a pair of red cowboy boots to as complex as falling in love with an honorable man and having him return that love.

Throughout the book the characters all develop their lists and go after their wishes. All had positive life changing things happen while completing their lists. Now I am enough of a realist to realize that not everything can be solved with a wish list. But I am intrigued enough by the possibility to think about trying it. It goes along the lines of positive energy finds positive energy. So over the course of the next week I am going to put together my Twenty Wishes and see what happens. (Oh and if you complete the list you get to make another! 🙂 )

Who is in with me?

Thankful Thursday

I have pretty good life!

Your Life is Better Than 65% of All People

You really have things pretty good – so stop a minute and appreciate how great your life is.

You likely have a cheery outlook, supportive friends, and plenty to keep you happily busy.

You are usually content – and with good reason. You have a lot to be happy about.

So when things don’t go well, remember that you have it better than most people!

What’s in a name

What Donna Means

You are balanced, orderly, and organized. You like your ducks in a row. You are powerful and competent, especially in the workplace. People can see you as stubborn and headstrong. You definitely have a dominant personality.

You are well rounded, with a complete perspective on life. You are solid and dependable. You are loyal, and people can count on you. At times, you can be a bit too serious. You tend to put too much pressure on yourself.

You are very intuitive and wise. You understand the world better than most people. You also have a very active imagination. You often get carried away with your thoughts. You are prone to a little paranoia and jealousy. You sometimes go overboard in interpreting signals.

You are usually the best at everything … you strive for perfection. You are confident, authoritative, and aggressive. You have the classic “Type A” personality.

I would say that this is pretty accurate. I strive for perfection and try to keep things organized. Although I don’t think I am prone to paranoia (now stop talking about me!) 🙂