Flash Flood Friday

So yesterday was a total bust in getting anything accomplished around the house. We had received one of those alert calls from the County Executive around 8PM on Wednesday saying we are expecting a lot of rain, stay tuned to the radios. I was awoken by the pouring rain at 6 AM. It was so bad, that I could not see across the street.

I kept waiting for the call that they were going to close the schools. Well that call never came. So I made the parental call. My two bus riders were NOT going to school. They are both fighting colds and are horribly asthmatic when they are sick. I imagined them getting soaked and then having to stay in wet clothes all day. Nope wasn’t happening on my watch.

I did take the two in that are on boundary exceptions and need to be driven to school. Looking back on it, I should have just kept them home too. Thank goodness the van is high, the driveway into the school was under at least a foot of water. The crossing guard was having a hard time keeping her footing in the street. The children were soaked through from head to toe. It was a mess.

I arrived back home after talking to several parents and called the Superintendent’s office. I received the usual, we will let him know about your concern. At 10:50 AM an Alert call came in to say that they were dismissing early. The High Schools were dismissing at 11:00AM. How is that for advance warning? Seriously. Thankfully I kept my older ones home. So left to pick up the ones at the elementary school and brought them home a few minutes early.

This evening we received a call that the schools will be opening 2 hours late. Then we received another County Emergency Operations Center call saying the heavy rain is going to continue throughout the night and into tomorrow. I am betting we will have no school tomorrow. Considering several schools were flooded this morning before the children even got on the buses. With all rain still falling, I don’t expect that to improve.

Now to convince Richard if I was homeschooling them all, it wouldn’t be an issue and we would just continue schooling. Here is hoping that he agrees!

A married woman must often leave God at the altar in order to find Him in her housework ~~St. Francis of Rome