Finding Freedom Friday — May 15

Today’s topic is cheap travel snacks and meals. With the summer travel season appoarching this is something everyone who is taking a trip this year should be thinking about. When we travel, which honestly is not at all recently, we always pack a cooler.

Into the cooler goes things like waters, juice packs, cheese sticks, and fruits. We even have been known to put in sandwich meats. We also pack a box of the “dry goods.” Things like peanut butter, crackers, bread, cereal, chips and pop tarts.

We plan on eating at most one meal a day out and every other meal we eat in the hotel or the house we rent. There have been times that we only plan on eating only one meal out the entire time. If we can’t pack enough for the entire time we are there, we will find a grocery store where we go and shop once we arrive. Even if we pay more for the groceries because it is a “vacation town” it will still be cheaper than paying for all the meals out.

So pop on over to Cents to be Debt Free for more hints on eating on the the road.