Second Chance Saturday — June 6

Since little was accomplished this week I was going to take today and catch up on everything.

I went to scrub the bathrooms, they really didn’t need it. The children have wiping it down (as part of their daily chores).\

I went to clean out the kitchen pantry. It didn’t need it, Liz had taken care of it yesterday.

I went to straighten up the pantry downstairs. It didn’t need it. The children have been putting things away properly so it has remained orderly.

The three things that always seem to be out of control, were not. So my second chance Saturday was great. I didn’t have to do any work! Keeping on the children to make sure their chores are done is working and I think this is going to be a great summer!

Second Chance Saturday — May 16

Last week I did this on Sunday, but I prefer to keep Sunday as a family day without a lot of “stuff ” to accomplish. So I moving this to Saturday and I invite all of you to join me.

What did you want to get the one thing you wanted to accomplished but were not able to do during the week? For me it was cleaning the fridge. I was able to get the lingering leftovers that were not eaten out of there, but I never got to the scrubbing the shelves. So my Second Chance Saturday is to get those shelves cleaned off.

So come along and join in and get that one big thing done that is bugging the heck out of you. I guarantee you will feel so much better. 🙂